May is Museums Month – join in the fun!

The weather will get better, I promise. And let’s not forget that it could always be worse: let’s think and pray for all of those in the south who have been destroyed by tornadoes and inclement weather.

May is Museums Month in Minnesota, and as mayor I have declared that Perham will participate and honor the museums not only here in Perham, but everywhere.

This year, something new will be taking place here in Perham, in conjunction with the museums. A photo and essay contest will be launched. The theme will be, “My Hero.” Your hero can be anyone or anything, so not necessarily a person. This could become an annual event during the month of May in conjunction with honoring museums.

Watch for more details or contact Darla Ellingson at the ITOW museum. This should be fun. Please join in.

Enjoy life, everyone.