Keep checking your water temperature

As it remains cold, I want to remind everyone to keep checking their water temperature in their homes. If it drops below 40 degrees, some action may be required.

If you live in Perham, call City Hall and ask what to do. We will give you a break on your sewer charge in Perham, but you have to call City Hall and let them know that you are going to let your water run.

A pencil-width stream is what is being suggested, but that can be vague. Take a 1-cup measuring cup and see how long it takes to fill it. It should take 45 seconds. Leave one faucet running at that amount – just one faucet in the home should be sufficient.

As it begins to warm up, continue to monitor your water. It is going to take a long time for the ground to warm up and the frost to get out of the ground.

On another topic, some people think they have the right to go through an area that is being blocked off by emergency vehicles that have their emergency lights on – not so.

The fire department was recently called to a report of a transformer on fire on a pole. The area was blocked off while waiting for the electrical company to arrive. This is done for safety reasons and nobody is to go in this area until it is found to be safe.

Well, someone decided that they needed to go through this area, and went around at least two emergency vehicles (I was in one of them) and then yelled some very unfriendly comments out the window toward us emergency responders.

This is very upsetting. Did they really think we were there just for fun, when it was very windy and very cold? I would have rather remained at the banquet that I was attending.

Please have respect for all emergency responders and people in uniform – you never know when you may need some help.

By the way, the license number was reported. I haven’t heard if the vehicle was found. This kind of action is not taken lightly.

Think spring!