Hey kids, ever wonder what it would be like to be ‘Mayor for a Day?’

The League of Minnesota Cities is holding a ‘Mayor for a Day’ essay contest. Mayors across the state, including me, are charged with spreading the word about it.

Organized as a part of the League’s centennial year celebrations, the contest challenges kids ages 7-12 to think about what they would do if they were in charge of their city for a day.

The winning essayist will win $100 and have his or her essay published in “Minnesota Cities” magazine. Entries must be handwritten and submitted by November 1. For more information, visit www.lmc.org/mayorforaday, or call 651-215-4035.

Next Wednesday, Oct. 9 will be International Walk to School Day. Perham schools and this newspaper will be putting out more information about the local walk.

Construction continues on 3rd Ave. S.W. and also the parking lot behind the Post Office all the way down to Photo Magic. October 25 is the target completion date for these projects. In the meantime, the parking situation may result in some of us having to walk a little further than we may like. Please have patience.

The October Perham City Council meeting will be held on the 14th, as this is the second Monday of the month.

Construction on the wastewater ponds is in the final phase. Everything will be online by the end of the month.

The fall harvest is in full swing, which brings out slower-moving farm machinery. We all have to pay attention to ensure that this busy, enjoyable time of year will be accident-free and a great success.

Have a great week, everyone.