Check heating systems, sewer vents to stay safe in winter

Recruiting for volunteers to help out with our museums is taking place. If you would like to know what positions are available or how you can help out, stop on down at the ITOW Veterans Museum on Wednesday, Feb. 6 at 6 p.m. There will be an information session along with some great food.

Check out your heating systems everyone, and especially if you are using a wood burner, either in your home or your shop. Make sure your chimney is clean and not building up with creosote, which can ignite and cause a chimney fire, which could become a disaster if not caught in a timely manner. Even if you cleaned your chimney before the season started, please check periodically.

I noticed the other day that the water level in my toilets was not staying at the normal level. I went outside and looked at the sewer vents on the roof to see if there was ice building up. Sure enough, they were frosted over. I poured a little water down them and now the water level is staying where it is supposed to be. Sewer gas can be very deadly and I seem to have caught mine in time, so look and check or have someone look for you.

Some of the intersections can become very icy as conditions change from day to day and hour to hour as temperatures rise or fall. Please pay attention when approaching an intersection and slow down. A few extra seconds is better than a wrecked vehicle, or an injury. Spring is coming, but for now take your time.

Uffda, what about those gas prices? Had to tease us below $3 for just a short time, but here they go again, up, up, up a lot faster than down, down, down. Makes you wonder.

Have a wonderful week, everyone.