Be safe this holiday season

I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Treat every day as a special one as we never know when it may be our last on this great earth. Please remember those who were tragically taken from us this past week in Connecticut.

A lot of you will be traveling this coming holiday week, please be careful. With the world of cell phones and all the technology we have, we may sometimes overlook some safety features.

Put together a winter survival kit of some sort including a flashlight, extra blanket, cap, gloves, water and some snacks. There used to be kits that you could buy with candles and things, check around – maybe they still do.

Another safety item that I suggest is a reflective safety vest. Buy one of these and store it in your vehicle just in case you have trouble on the roadway and may have to work on your vehicle, such as changing a tire. This will help people see you and possibly save your life.

Love your neighbor, love your family, and better yet, love everyone.  Happy holidays.