City seeking resident feedback on ITOW plans

Monday evening at 5:15, the December Perham City Council meeting will take place. All of you are invited, as you are to all council meetings.

Discussions have been taking place about the ITOW Veterans Museum. The board members have asked us to help them in their fundraising efforts and also to assist them in finding a new director. The council is interested in what the city taxpayer has to say on this matter. There will possibly be a decision made that evening.

The levy for 2013 will be set at the meeting also. Currently we are looking at a 1 percent levy increase. We did some tightening of the belt and feel we can make it through the year on this slight increase. We set this amount as a preliminary limit back in September, we can lower the limit but we cannot raise it from the September level.

Weather has been nice but snow can hit us at anytime, so I ask you now to familiarize yourself with the winter snow removal ordinance so that you do not receive a ticket. The, “I didn’t know” excuse does not work.

I would ask that when exiting your vehicle, please take your trash to a garbage can. Leaving garbage laying on the ground looks terrible and makes those that live there look terrible.

If you see some garbage please pick it up, even if it is not yours. Let’s keep the city clean.

Christmas is right around the corner, time to get your shopping done.

Have a great week everyone.

One thought on “City seeking resident feedback on ITOW plans”

  1. Thank you for bringing community attention to this need.

    ITOW is an excellent museum many of us are proud of. We (the Board and interested community members) hope to work hand in hand with the community, the region and national entities to help ITOW achieve national recognition.

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