Group gathers information on ‘quiet zones’

Members from Burlington Northern Railroad, MnDOT, Otter Tail County, and the City of Perham on Friday joined a group that is doing a study on what it will take to have a quiet zone here in Perham. They visited local railroad crossings.

It was very interesting to learn what we can and cannot do at certain crossings. Discussion was held at every crossing and measurements were taken. These notes and measurements and findings were taken back to the offices of the study group. They will present their plan on what it will take and a rough dollar amount.

We were at the crossing east of town by Rain Soft and also the crossing west out by West Central. When we were at these two crossings, vehicles came by and, would you believe it, not one of them came to a stop at the crossing. People, that is why there is a red stop sign at each crossing – to stop and look both ways and then proceed. Trains wouldn’t even have to blow the horn if the laws would have been followed all along.

Although arms come down at crossings, people still want to weave their way through to beat the train, and sometimes they don’t make it. Then, to make it worse, the family sues the railroad and a judge decides to rule in the family’s favor. It makes no sense, but that is why the horns have to blow and even at louder decibels than before.

As a pedestrian, did you know that it is only legal to cross the tracks at a marked crossing? Anywhere else is considered trespassing and is punishable by law.

I want to thank all of you who voted for me in the recent election. Keep the engine steam rolling and good luck Yellowjacket football team.

Congratulations to the Fergus Falls M-State womens volleyball team, as they took fifth place in the national tournament. Good job ladies!

What a great season. Proves what hard work can do.