What to do with those Halloween pumpkins

Ever wonder what you are going to do with your pumpkins once Halloween is over?

Well, do not put them in the garbage. Set them out on the curb Wednesday morning, just as you would your grass clippings, and they will be picked up.

The incinerator does not want these in the garbage, as they do not burn. The compost truck will be running the week following Halloween, and maybe longer, depending on the weather.

You can also deliver them to the compost site yourself on Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. That’s right, it is open on Sundays for your deliveries.

Remember that the city compost site is for city residents only. There have been some tree stumps dumped at the site that were not from the city and some investigating is being done to find out who dumped them there.

Also, tons of materials that could be composted are being dumped in the garbage, such as coffee grounds, vegetable peelings and other things.

In the summer, composting should be no problem, but you may wonder what you can do in the winter. Freeze them, and in the spring to the compost they can go. It will make the incinerator run more efficiently and will help keep costs down to save all of us money.

Remember safety on Halloween. Keep a close watch for the little ones. And to all you trick-or-treaters and parents: please wear bright-colored reflective clothing and watch for traffic so everyone will be safe.

Have a wonderful end to October everyone.