A plea to keep Perham clean

Wow, what a way to start the month of April.

Time to clean and pick up the yards. The compost site is open and ready for your clippings, but please no garbage – that belongs in the incinerator.

Is it really that hard to hold on to garbage until you get to a garbage can? Driving around, whether it is in town or out in the country, it is really disgusting to see all the litter that is lying around and there is only one way it got there – somebody too lazy to find a garbage container.

I’m asking you to please help keep our city and state clean.

Boats and watercraft will be busy scurrying across our lakes very soon. Let’s keep the garbage out of our lakes, streams and rivers.

We also have to be on the lookout for aquatic invasive species. Folks, this is a serious problem and it is not that far away, so take a few extra minutes to inspect your watercraft when exiting a waterway that you have been on.

Have a great Easter, everyone.